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My first try at making a basic game in game maker studio 2. The game is about a small red man who wants to find a way through the difficult world that lies ahead. He must also find the reason he cannot remember anything about his past. BEAT MY TIME OF 01:40 min to get a badge!

XBOX ONE/360 and PS4 controller compatible.

The game controls are:

JUMP - UP (PC)  OR  X (PS4)   OR   A (Xbox 360/ONE)


INTERACT- SPACE (PC)   OR   Triangle  (PS4)    OR  Y (Xbox 360/ONE)

SPRINT- SHIFT (PC).    OR    R2 (PS4)    OR   RT (Xbox 360/ONE)    

This is still a work in progress but I would love to hear anything you have to say.                    

Enjoy my game and leave some comments or if you think there is something cool or something worth changing.


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sluggers-win.zip 22 MB
Version 3
sluggers-osx.zip 25 MB
Version 3

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Yo! Yup, only got this working through the app. Digging all the new art going in! Don't know if it's just this version, but when I got shot/die at the first enemies then it takes you back to the menu room...

Hey Chris. Thanks. I am tying to get the room restart to work. I have reverted back to the game restart. Until I fix the room restart it’ll be a complete run through of the whole game and you’ll get a specific time at the end. I got 1:30 min.  Around there  was my quickest run. 

Oooh! Speed run time!

I've just updated both Windows and Mac versions.

Thanks Criss. Let me know if you are able to download the Mac version. I can’t get it to work on my Mac. Don’t know how to make the executable work. 

Also couldn't get it to work on my Mac... will keep playing the updates on PC. I'm keen to do some sound stuff for it. What sort of vibe, musically, do you think you're going for?

Hey Criss. That’s awesome. Thanks so much for offering. I was thinking something looming on the piano.  Like big piano notes when the player jumps or dies and just a general dark vibe.  Don’t know if I’m making sense but I like the piano. 

Ok cool! I'll get on it... got a cool idea from what you're saying...

Thanks criss. That’s awesome 👍

I've maybe found a way for it to work on mac. If you download the itch app then install it on the app it works. So weird but it seems to work like that.

Digging some of the animations and platform look. Starting to really get somewhere!

Gamepads are now supported. PS4 and Xbox 360/One.